Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Yes, we all have our own mats. If you'd like to borrow one until you get your own, please get in touch with the teacher who might be able to help.

What should I wear?

Any loose comfortable clothing will be fine, whatever you are comfortable in. Most people wear a t-shirt and loose stretchy trousers or leggings.

Do I need footwear?

Yoga is ideally practiced barefoot or in non-slip yoga socks, to make sure you're nice and steady on the mat. It feels good on your feet too!

Will the village hall be warm in winter?

Yes! We have some fast heaters to get us nice and toasty quickly. You may want to bring a long sleeved top or blanket to cover yourself during relaxation at the end, which we tend to do lying down.

I'm not very fit and supple, will I be able to do it?

The classes are for all abilities and ages, you don't need to be fit for them. Our yoga teacher will modify the exercises and positions to suit any difficulties that people may have.

The classes have started, can I still join?

Yes. You will simply be asked to pay for any remaining classes after the point that you have joined. You are also welcome to pay for classes individually.

I'm thinking of buying a yoga mat, do you have any advice?

The most important thing is that it is non-slip, look for a knobbly, textured surface. Normal gym mats arent't good! If you have the choice, a thicker mat is more comfortable and warmer but a thin mat will be fine.

Are men welcome?

Yes! We have several gentlemen in the class.

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