A guide to the videos

This video selection is presented for your entertainment and is not endorsed by HogYog or our yoga teacher but they provide some idea of what movements are performed within the majority of yoga classes.

Within a class situation, yoga teachers often provide alternative versions to help to make movements and poses accessible for everyone, so please don't start thinking or feeling ' I can't do that' as a good teacher will and can provide an alternative movement or pose so that you can achieve enjoyment and benefit from the exercise.

Videos only focus on movement and postures, as they are unable to successfully demonstrate the other aspects of yoga such as the wonderful feeling of relaxation and the peace of mind that most people achieve from attending classes. Yoga is not just about exercising.

Obviously, if you choose to follow any of the contents of the videos this is entirely your choice and at your own risk.

The beginners' selection shows some basic yoga limbering up and poses that are often performed in most yoga classes.

The advanced selection shows poses that can be achieved with regular practice but please remember it is best to attend a yoga class and learn under the direction of a qualified teacher. Please remember, if you choose to follow any of the contents of these videos, that this is at your own risk.

Basic principles for a good yoga practice


  • Yoga is for everyone but if you do have an underlying health condition, discuss with your doctor or health professional such as a physiotherapist as to whether or not yoga might be a beneficial activity for you to do whilst you are undergoing specialist treatment.
  • If you are pregnant and you are already attending a yoga class, please inform your teacher who will be able to provide additional advice and support to you.
  • If you are pregnant and want to start yoga, find a teacher who is specially qualified to teach yoga during pregnancy. There are certain movements and poses that are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Practice yoga using a no-pain philosophy - at the first sign of any discomfort, something not feeling good or any pain, gently stop what you are doing and slowly return to a position that is more comfortable for you.
  • Never over exert yourself; yoga is not competitive, not even with yourself
  • Your body will become more flexible with time; give it time to do so. Remember – Yoga is a practice and is more that just an exercise class.
  • Try to avoid a big meal 1 ½ to 2 hours before a yoga class. If you are really hungry then have a light small snack at least ½ an hour before your class.
  • Purchase a good non-slip yoga mat and practice barefoot or wear good quality non-slip yoga socks to avoid slipping


Stay Safe

Please read before using videos